Privacy & policy

Our company recognizes the importance of individual information, pays handle close attention, and is executing the following approachs. - Individual information shows the one that the individual can be specified by single purpose and combining information on the name, the address, the telephone number, the fax number, and the E-mail address, etc.

■System of management of information
Our company leaves the person in charge in the handling of information concerning the individual, and does appropriate management.

■Collection procedure of information
In our window, the purpose of use, the range of use, and inquiries of individual information are collected in consideration of the content and the scale of the business and after getting the notification and acknowledgment, I will collect individual information in the limit along the purpose when individual information will be collected.

■About protection of individual information
◎Continual improvement
The law and the standard applied for individual information that our company has are observed, and our company properly reviews, and improves the approach that follows Act for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data held by Administrative Organs.

◎Security precaution
It tries for prevention and the correction to keep safely by the server that lectures on an appropriate protection plan, and so as not to cause unlawful computer access, the loss, destruction, the falsification or the leakage.

■Purpose of use of individual information
I will use kept individual information to do the report and the answer and the dissemination to the person in question.

- For the question and the inquiry to answer
- To send the answer and material to the application for the request for documents
- To send the answer and material to the entry of recruitment
- To report information on the commodity and the service of our company that seems to be profitable for the customer it

■About the dissemination to the third party
As a rule, it offers to the third party, and I will not indicate it at all. Moreover, it obligates the proper management for the leaking of private information and no re-offer, etc. succession the relation on business ahead. However, I might use the sequentes for the origin of the relevant perspective.

◎Use based on law etc.(for Japan)
When there is no reasonable reason to refuse the offer when compelled by legal grounds and public's profits to pull one's coat from the court, the administrative body, the supervisory authority, and other statutory boards to the third party, and it is difficult to get agreement from the customer, our company might disclose customer information.

■About the inquiry of individual information
The customer can claim indication of individual information on oneself whom our company has.
Moreover, when it is necessary as a result, the correction, the addition, and the deletion can be requested. Additionally, I can tell the suspension and the complaint and the consultation, etc. of individual information us.
Please let me correspond appropriately within the reasonable range when our company accepts these. Moreover, the chat channel of customer information is established as follows for that.
Moreover, customer's individual information is managed by an accurate, as latest content as possible. Please offer promptly when the change is suitable for the content of registration.

■Chat channel of customer information
The inquiry of the customer information protection policy and customer information is received at the following windows.

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