Company overview


NKC co.,ltd. 

Representative director

Mchinari nishimoto


ZIP code 486-0817 
6-6-5 higashino-town kasugai-city aichi japan


+81 56886-3038


+81 56886-3039

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1. Manufacturing, sales, export, and lease of play equipment
2. The buying and selling of play equipment
3. Daily miscellaneous goods, sporting goods, and sales of bicycle, harmony Hiroshi smalls, furniture, jewel, precious metals, and domestic appliance and importing and exporting
4. All businesses that accompany each title the former


2-24-1 takayama-town kasugai-city aichi japan

Antique commerce permission certificate number

NKC co.,ltd
Association of public safety commissioner of Aichi Prefecture

Importing and exporting standard code

JASTPRO It has registered.

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Company history

April, 2003

It takes charge of technological whole of J&M's Ltd.

October, 2009

It starts as an amusement equipment project and a production company.

February, 2010

Game machine order start of manufacturing for casino

May, 2010

The full auto game machine of the slot is put on the market for Amuse.

Delivery results

Delivery results for  Japan

It is possible to do for a nationwide sending out such as products and parts.

[Overseas transaction](FOB/CIF/DOOR TO DOOR/SIP ON THE DECK)

◆ United States ◆ South Korea ◆China ◆ Hong Kong ◆ Taiwan ◆ Philippines ◆ Vietnam ◆ Thailand
◆ Myanmar