Pachinko & Slot machine common box



- Pachinko slot common BOX
- Emboss prepares and doesn't show dirt the material.
- Feeling of luxury UP according to the arrangement of the stainless steel in each place.
- The control bases (game base) need not be exchanged when surface of the boards are exchanged, and it is very profitable on the cost side.
- Backup of game point.
- Additionally, variegated error display function





663(W) x 1621(H) x 529(D) 



706(W) x 1621(H) x 529(D) 



Coin IN
medal OUT
typing 25Ф in Slot

Coin & Medal IN
medal OUT

V1 Pachinko

※2 \201,000~


V1 Slot

※1 ¥138,000~


V2 Pachinko


V2 Slot


※ 1) From the main body of the slot for the method of disbursing the medal of 24φ-25φ
※ 2) It becomes method 2way of disbursing mini Sand. (size 20φ-30φ of medal)The slot is received.

・All are OP prices. Two or more orders and are the consultations of the price respondent.
・The surface of the board price is not included.
・I might use a part of recycled goods excluding the surface of the board.
・It is guaranteed of three months excluding the surface of the board.
・The carriage and the consumption tax hang separately.
・List prices are Japanese all yen. The cost of the export packing tariff etc. is not included.


・Data top lamp
・Remote control for data top lamp setting

・The price is different depending on the number and the content and inquire in detail, please.

Surface of the board key

Door key to slot and pachinko

Slot setting key

Probability setting key to slot machine

Door key

Key for opening and shutting of main body of BOX door (two standard specification applying)

Safe key

Key to safe for coin stock

Door cylinder

Cylinder for opening and shutting of main body of BOX door (Two V1 types three V2 type applying)

Safe cylinder

Cylinder of safe for coin stock

Cylinder receiving metal fittings

Receiving metal fittings of [shirinda-bero] of BOX standard equipment (Two V1 types three V2 type applying)

Power transformer

Power transformer of AC100V input AC24V output (standard specification 300VA or more)

Main switch

Main switch in AC100V input part

The main fuse

Fuse for protection of AC100V input part (standard specification goods)

Capsule hopper

It is possible to share also with any of the capsule hopper 75φ and the capsule 100φ disbursement.
(Differ depending on the specification. )

Medal hopper

It needs it in the specification ..medal.. disbursement of the slot pachinko.
(The main body of disbursement attachment hopper of one piece is used for the slot. )

Control base

Center control part IN (15 stages) OUT of the game machine (15 stages) can be set and automatic, manual Sadamu of disbursement is possible. (indispensable, standard goods)


The volume of the speaker of the slot pachinko attachment can be set in detail (standard specification goods).

Distributing cable

Wirings for slot pachinko to make both main bodies game specification (standard specification goods)

Coin shooter

Input device of coin turning on (Differ depending on the specification).

Medal shooter

Input device of medal turning on (Differ depending on the specification).

Coin blocker

Device that blocks coin turning on when start of slot pachinko operates (standardized goods)

Medal blocker

Device that blocks medal turning on when start of slot pachinko operates (Differ depending on the specification).

Shooter guide

Metal fittings that fix coin and medal shooter data indicator, etc. (standard specification goods)

Point indicator

Device that displays number of points in which it can play a game (standard specification goods)

Medal guide set

Metal fittings in which medal is induced to optional medal hopper for medal specification (Differ depending on the specification).

Data top lamp

Lamp for display of data of game frequency and fever frequency, etc. (optional specification goods)

Data lamp setting machine

Remote control setting machine to do setting change of the above-mentioned data indicator (optional specification goods)

Internal outlet

Outlet to separate AC100V (standard specification goods)
*There is a change in the installation amount according to the specification

Flat cable

Cable to connect control base with data indicator (standard specification goods)

Electromagnetic meter

Meter for data management such as numbers of medal coin turning on and disbursement. (standard specification goods)
*When it is unnecessary, the standard can be excluded.

Gem raising machine

Device for pachinko specification to circulate around pachinko gem (standard specification goods in case of pachinko specification)

Bill Accepter

The acceptance of the greenback is enabled by controlling RS232C・USB that ..identification machine for 64 countries in the world.. has it.
(optional specification goods)

・I will guarantee three months after it buys it about the defect in basic use for our case.
・When [dai] is set up the your company bringing after our purchase stand is set up for one week in, the guarantee of the main body of the slot pachinko is confirmed.
・The main body of the slot pachinko becomes a game specification to which operation equal with the hall installation stand is required.
・The slot pachinko is producing both special specification goods.
・I will not supply the supply goods excluding the exchange purposes of the damage parts.