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Shopping method
Please input, and transmit the brand name and the number to the order form when the commodity wanting it is found.

About the environment of a browser
1)About the environment
Please see this site by a browser of Internet Explorer5.0 or more and Netscape Navigator7.0 or more.
The display falls into disorder for the version before this, protection becomes invalid, and service might not be able to be used.

2)About the setting of JavaScript and Cookie
This site uses JavaScript and Cookie.
To enjoy shopping, JavaScript and Cookie should be made effective by setting the security of a browser.

About the method of payment
Bank transfer
※Please see of the payment method for details.

About the delivery
■About the carriage
It is different in each commodity and each export method. Please inquire in detail.

■About the delivery
1.The delivery days might change because of the amount of the order, business days, and the export method though the manufacturing period is gotten for about one month after payment is confirmed, and the ordered commodity is usually sent out to two business days or less (recess of holiday of the weekend) afterwards.
2.Please acknowledge being likely being likely to take time according to the commodity beforehand.
3.As for the addressee, Japan and foreign countries (According to circumstances, sending out might become improper because of the restriction of the destination for export etc.) are also possible.
4.Please acknowledge might it be being to report without permission with E-mail or the fax when running out of stock of parts and cases with the production stoppage and the delivery delay, etc. are generated by any chance.
Moreover, please acknowledge that our company doesn't assume the responsibility at all beforehand though I might be allowed to cancel the bargain by the situation.
5.Commodities other than the slot pachinko will be sent out as a rule bringing two or more orders together in one, and there is what sent out according to the commodity dividing into several, too.
Slot pachinko BOX becomes sending out every one stand.

About the cancellation and the returned goods of the order
■About returned goods and the exchange
1.Neither the cancellation, returned goods nor the exchange are basically accepted. Moreover, the repayment cannot be received except the case of our problem etc.
2.Our company will bear the transfer commission of returned goods (Causes of export and the ship and transportation, etc. are excluded) due to our fault at the carriage and the price repayment etc. as there were a scar and dirt in it is, and the report commodity of goods.
 Please acknowledge being not able to receive the scar and the complaint such as dirt because it becomes second-hand goods for the surface of the board of the pachinko slot.
3.Please acknowledge being not able to receive returned goods and the exchange beforehand in the following cases.
 (1) Commodity where it is caused scar and to become dirty under customer.
 (2) Commodity that passed eight days or more after commodity arrives.