About the delivery

■About the delivery
1.The delivery days might change because of the amount of the order, business days, and the export condition though the ordered commodity gets about one month from manufacturing after payment is confirmed, and does the sending out arrangements to two business days or less (recess of holiday of the weekend) afterwards.
2.Please acknowledge being likely being likely to take time to the export arrangements according to the restriction of the exporting country, the export inspection in a Japanese country, and the commodity beforehand.
3.The export method will receive CIF/DOOR TO DOOR according to the demand and the condition, etc. though I will basically assume FOB. A basically new customer is getting the guarantee fee from the export commodity.
When the commodity is unloaded in the exporting country, it is repaying it.
4.Please acknowledge might it be being to report without permission with E-mail or the fax when running out of stock of parts and cases with the production stoppage and the delivery delay, etc. are generated by any chance.
 Moreover, our company must acknowledge not assuming the responsibility at all beforehand other than the repayment though I might be allowed to cancel the bargain by the situation.
5.Commodities other than the slot pachinko will be sent out as a rule bringing two or more orders together in one, and there is what sent out according to the commodity dividing into several, too.
 Slot pachinko BOX becomes sending out every one stand.
6.The exporter will basically use Nippon Express Co., Ltd.. (pachinko slot surface of the board and BOX, etc.)A part of replacement part etc. becomes international air mail and ship consolidation mail.
7.It is different for the export charge depending on the exporting country and the condition like for a domestic carriage and the packing and wrapping expense and the customs clearance cost, etc. , etc.
8.Our company BOX product becomes the packing arrangements of Nippon Express Co., Ltd. in principle. The charge is different depending on the export method and inquire, please.